Thatcherism did not work

Whether or not one considers it an appropriate time to discuss the effects the Thactcher Government in the 1980s had on the country, I definitely suggest you listen to this short speech from today by Glenda Jackson MP describing the horrendous effect Thatcherism had on so many people. It’s taken from today’s ‘debate’ in Parliament about a tribute on the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Be warned, things were atrocious in the 80s and 90s and if we stay on the current course with our current Government we will be somewhere just as bad very soon. Let’s not use the death of Thatcher as an excuse to hide away the wrongs from her time in power. Partying in the street in celebration is most definitely not appropriate at this time, but remember the people who suffered under her premiership deserve to be remember at this time as much as the lady herself.

So what instead?

Instead of the Conservative Government we had from 1979, I’ve recently been asked if I would have preferred the Callaghan Government to say in power.

To this I replied I would have preferred any Government that would have treated ALL the people in this country as human beings deserving respect, that ensured that our hospitals and schools were functioning and funded, that did not actively implement policies causing record unemployment without a plan for how to generate replacement jobs, that did not waste billions generated from oil on fixing the issues they had caused rather than on investments for the future, that did not promote greed and self-centred thinking before charity and helping those in needed.

Whatever happened in the 70s was no excuse for what happened in the 80s and beyond. With just a bit more humanity in Parliament in the 80s things could have been very different and so much better for so many millions of people who were so terribly and unfairly hit. Some places still haven’t been able to recover fully from the effects.

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