About Me

warren oatesI’ll talk about and share things which interest me. My life will likely influence what I write about, so I’ve written a bit about myself below and highlighted what you might expect…

I live in Brighton, UK with my wife Rachel, our son Isaac and four cats. We’re starting to do work on our house and garden to make it a great home for Isaac to group up in.

For the last seven years I’ve worked at TheStudentRoom Group. I am currently the Head of Operations, though I’ve done a million different things whilt working there.

I’m a Christian and a member at a church in Hove where I’m part of the student and graduate community and sometimes help out with the visuals on the Sunday services (think ‘song words’ and ‘presentation slides for whoever it talking’).

Before I came to Brighton I was a maths teaching for a short time, having trained at the University of York. I also did my undergraduate masters in mathematics at York and was able to sneak in a couple of astrophysics modules to satisfy my interest in science.

I’m very much a proud Yorkshire man, having lived my entire life in the small Pennine town of Penistone, near Barnsley before I went off to university. My family still live there now and following research we’ve done in our family history, it seems nearly all my ancestors came from that small area too.

Finally, I take a keen interest in politics and probably complain too much about the Government (so I’d told). But I don’t let this stop me – I just want to see the best happen for the country. Education, health and ensuring equal opportunities for all are particularly important to me.

Everything I say will be my own opinion or thoughts at the time I say it and not necessarily representative of any group or organisation I’m connected with. I might not always be right in my views, most definitely will not agree with everyone and whatever views I do have can and do change over time.

Please do get in touch!