Tories to keep records of your phone and internet use

Almost as soon as she was re-appointed David Cameron’s Home Secretary, Teresa May had brought her so called ‘Snoopers charter’ back on to the agenda, after dropping it back in 2013.

The powers will increase online surveillance by requiring records on everyone’s browsing activity, social media use, emails, phone calls and text messages to be kept by phone and internet companies for up to a year so they can be accessed at any time by the police and security services.

It’s easy to argue for such powers with lines like “if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear”. But it’s just another way for Government to monitor our lives and encroach on our privacy and comes just days after US courts ruled the NSA unlawfully collected huge amounts of data on phone calls in the US.

Many groups have previously been out spoken against these new powers, including the human rights group Privacy International and the Open Rights Group.

The Liberal Democrats also opposed these powers, forcing the Conservatives to previously drop the proposals. How they are back in Government on their own, they have wasted no time preparing to bring them in again.

We need to protect our privacy and not let these powers be introduced. We need to call on the Labour party and others in Parliament to oppose these proposals and ensure they do not happen.

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