New boundaries will help Tories stay in power for decades

The Telegraph yesterday openly admitted, based on comments from senior Tories, that the Conservative Government will aim to quickly approve new Parliamentary boundaries that will significantly benefit the Tories. This would be done by splitting areas of opposition support and merging them in to Conservative strongholds or by creating what would be considered even safer seats for any party, which would be unlikely to ever change hands.

In blatant attempt at gerrymandering (the act of changing political boundaries for political advantage) the Tories hope to hold on to power for decades, even if they lose a significant proportion of their support.

The plans were put forward in the last Parliament, but were widely criticised outside of Parliament, opposed by Labour and eventually completely blocked by the Lib Dems. This prevented them taking effect by the 2015 election.

Election experts, as quoted in the Telegraph article, suggest the Conservatives would have won a larger majority in the 2015 election if these boundaries were used.

I’m not saying our current boundaries and electoral system are perfect, but these changes move us in the wrong direction – leading to election results that are even less proportional than we have now and making it more likely that an individuals vote does not count due to the increase in safe seats. These issues are before we even mention the attempt at gerrymandering.

We need to oppose these changes and try to block them at every chance we get.

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