May Gambled and Lost

A few quick thoughts in the election results…

May gambled and lost. She wanted a bigger majority to make her life easier. The people have said ‘no’ and ensured that either her or a successor must be more moderate in their approach to avoid rebellions and defeat.

I think the Tories should be able to function as a Government with these results. This should mean no more elections for some time. But they are going to have to be much more careful in what they do – including perhaps taking hard Brexit off the table.

Whether May leads this Government is up to the Tories. But she’s shown terrible judgement and can no longer be deemed a safe pair of hands.

Labour have made some modest gains in terms of seat numbers, but also have some amazing individual results. Labour need some time to let the dust settle and see where that leaves the party.

But the expectation must be for Labour to see more progress being made in the coming months to be in a position to take additional seats in a future election. There are a lot of new marginals out there which Labour must soon start looking at how they can be won.

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