The Bowling Green Massacre

Kellyanne Conway

Last night we heard Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser the President Trump, bring us shocking new evidence of a terrorist attack cover up. The Bowling Green Massacre, in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky, went unreported by all main stream media. Two radicalised Iraqi immigrants carried out the terrorist attack, resulting in then President Obama imposing a six months restriction on Iraqis entering the US.

Shocking isn’t it? Perfectly backs up the current President Trump and his ban of people entering the US from seven majority-Muslim countries.

The Bowling Green Massacre – The terrorist attack that never happened

Shocking revelation, isn’t it. Only one thing is wrong with what Kellyanne Conway said. The ‘massacre’ never happened.

It was totally made up. The nearest event that matches the scenario were two Iraqi immigrants attempting to send funds from the city of Bowling Green to outside the US to support terrorists in 2011. The money never got there. They people were arrested. No one was hurt. There was no massacre.

Trump and his team invented a terrorist attack to back up their position on banning Muslims from the United States. It’s unbelievable the level to which his Presidency has already fallen in order to justify their fascist policies. What depths will they go to next?

Not only does it dishonour all those people who have been hurt and killed in terrorist attacks around the world, but it also uses a very emotive issue in a way that can only lead to more distrust, intolerance and violence towards innocent people.

Whether Kellyanne knew what she was saying was made up, or whether she had been fed ‘alternative facts’ by someone else in the Trump administration, I don’t know. But as he’s a senior adviser to the President…well, I’ll let you make your own mind up.

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